Teas for Stomach and Spleen

At the Earth Connections event in Brixton on 31st August 2019 we began by sampling some herbal teas traditionally associated with benefits for the digestive system.

The teas, clockwise from top left, are: fennel seed, cinnamon bark, marigold petals (calendula), chamomile, pau d’arco (lapacho) chrysanthemum flowers.

When making your own teas from loose herbs, you can use a metal tea ball, single use pouch such as t-sac, or just throw the herbs into the water.

Be careful not to take your drinks very hot as this can burn the mouth and oesophagus. Boiling water can also scald the herbs, so either stop the kettle before it fully boils, or add some cold water.

Afterwards we compiled this list of local stores selling loose herbs. Feel free to add more info in the comments below! Thanks to everyone who came along.

Brixton Wholefoods – Atlantic Road SW9. There are also two good herbalists on Brixton Station Road.

Serrena Delicatessen, Clapham Road SW9

Lisboa Patisserie, South Lambeth Road SW8

Baldwin & Co – Walworth Road SE17

For those in North London, a great little shop with a wide range of loose herbs is Food for All – Cazenove Road N16


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