Chi Kung

I am not currently teaching Chi Kung. Please contact my teacher Adam Hellinger to join his classes.

Community Chi Kung class with Kitt Price and Joe Catton

Beginners most welcome, also existing practitioners from any discipline.

The venue is wheelchair accessible with accessible toilet.

Sundays 10-11am

Cost: £7

Lordship Hub Co-op

Lordship Recreation Ground
Off Higham Road,
N17 6NU

What is Chi Kung?

Chi Kung or Qigong is a Chinese discipline meaning ‘energy work’. It can be used to inform martial arts, healing practices, and for personal wellbeing.

We teach the Zhan Zhuang style taught by Adam Hellinger and Ole Eskildsen whose classes and workshops Joe has been attending since 2014 and kitt since 2015.

What happens in the class?

The sequence of simple movements opens the joints and prepares us for a standing or seated meditation where the movement becomes internal and aids the circulation of vital fluids. Where there is hyper-mobility, we focus on strengthening and supporting the area.

The discipline can be practiced standing or seated and is adapted to each person’s current needs and situation. We teach each practitioner to investigate the sensations and development of the work for themselves.

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Other classes

Adam’s class is on Tuesdays, 6-7pm at the London School of Capoeira, Leeds Place, off Tollington Park, N4 3RF.

Ole gives workshops throughout Europe – information on London dates available via Adam.