Treatments are in Seven Sisters, N15.

Phone: 07729 138889

£50 per session or £30 for those on low incomes. First session is half price for all keyworkers.

Contact therapies in England are permitted to re-open from 13th July 2020. In line with the requirements of the government and regulatory bodies, I offer adapted shiatsu sessions as follows:

24 hour before your session, we will check in by phone / video call to confirm that you and members of your household have no Covid-19 symptoms. We will also discuss your needs and what you would like from the shiatsu session, in order to minimise time spent speaking in the treatment room.

Payment is by bank transfer or by card over the phone. Late cancellation charges are waived during Covid.

Please arrive already wearing loose fitting clothes for your treatment and minimise any items brought into the space. Wear or bring an extra layer to keep you warm during the session.

We will work solely on the table (covered with towels) and not on the futon, using towels instead of blankets and cushions. All towels and my treatment clothing are hot washed between clients and the table is sanitised.

The room is ventilated (with additional heating if necessary) throughout the session.

I wear a type-2 medical mask and a face shield. You have the option to keep your mask on or remove it during the session.

You also have the option of a phone or video call after the session to discuss any recommendations and your ongoing treatment plan.

The time we spend face to face is approx 45 minutes.

Should I develop symptoms or be in contact with anyone who has them, I will suspend my practice until it is safe for me to resume.

Phone / video sessions

I continue to offer treatments by video / phone call.

These sessions can be remarkably effective – in many cases, even more so than a physical contact session. This is because the level of input from your own system is increased, leading to greater activation of your healing and restoring capacities.

The session lasts for 60-75 minutes and includes:

  • Tuning in to the places where you may be tense or in need of replenishing
  • Opening a dialogue with underlying physical and emotional needs
  • Guided self acupressure, selecting points that can nourish and support you
  • Simple, effective releasing exercises
  • A follow up email or phone call with recommendations for self-support

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