Shiatsu and Coronavirus

17 March 2020

I have decided to close my in-person practice until we have better information about how physical therapies can be practiced in ways that are safe for everyone.

I am currently offering online video consultations by donation. You can reach me at or on 07729138889 to book a session.

In an online session we can do any of the following:

  • Discuss your current needs and symptoms
  • Explore underlying patterns according to East Asian Medicine
  • Undertake guided self-acupressure on key points to support your body, mind and spirit
  • Tune in to the helpful information that is available in your body today – when the body feels heard, this can bring relief
  • Do Qi Gong together to support your system
  • Do Muscle Energy Techniques to relieve tense muscles and strengthen weaker ones
  • Develop dietary and other recommendations that fit with your lifestyle and the current situation

================Previous update remains below for information.

My practice remains open at the present time, with the following adaptations:

Late cancellation charges are waived. You may cancel your appointment at any time.

Please do not attend if you have a sore throat, temperature or new respiratory symptoms, or if this applies to anyone in your household. See also the UK government advice page.

Please do check in with me on the day of your appointment so that we can consider together whether to go ahead with the session.

I will of course be canceling all appointments should or anyone in my household develop symptoms.

All surfaces that you or I come into contact with (including door handles, taps, loo seat, pens, payment keypad, light switches) are sanitised with >70% alcohol.

For the duration of the outbreak I am working on the table rather than futon, and using towels instead of blankets and pillows – this enables me to sanitise more effectively between clients.

How can Shiatsu help?

I work with the East Asian medical model where we use “differential diagnosis”. This means treating the person rather than the illness or symptoms. On this model, any two people will have different vulnerablities and responses to the same disease. Within this model there are specific aspects relating to the respiratory and immune systems.

Shiatsu helps to manage and reduce stress, which in turn impacts the immune system.

Shiatsu does not cure or prevent any conditions. It assists your system in finding balance and activating its own healing and defences.