Shiatsu Shin Tai

My in person practice is currently open.

Covid safety measures are in place, and my vaccinations are up to date.

I continue to offer sessions online / by phone. See booking page for details.

Shiatsu Shin Tai is a form of holistic massage based on the principles of East Asian medicine – the same system used in Acupuncture. No needles are used and you remain clothed throughout.

Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure.’ In Zen Shiatsu we work with energy meridians and acupuncture points in response to your physical and emotional needs. Tension is dispersed and your system rediscovers a place of rest and healing. The diagnostic system of East Asian Medicine is used to identify relevant syndromes and develop an effective treatment programme, based on the Five Phases.

Shin Tai means ‘source body’. Your breathing and life force are restored. This is achieved by gently inviting your physical structure into alignment using massage techniques and mobilisation. In addition, Shin Tai incorporates Fascial Unwinding, Hara Massage and Muscle Energy Techniques.

In Fascial Unwinding we listen to the physical network of connective tissue running through the entire body. This tissue holds our experiences in ways that can cause discomfort when we are ready to shift into new physical and emotional patterns. Fascial Unwinding is the art of tuning into those long held places. As the therapist I invite your fascia system to consider a new direction. When your system is ready to respond, transformation can begin.

Hara Massage is a powerful technique working directly with the abdomen. This enables us to activate self-knowledge and self-healing held in the centre of your being. Hara massage is always optional and we work at your own pace of change.

Muscle Energy Techniques are physical methods targeting individual muscles that need releasing or strengthening. These are active techniques in which you participate, following simple instructions.

What to expect

I will ask about your needs and aims. The amount of time we spend on this is up to you. Some clients find the listening space is a valuable way to connect the mental and emotional levels with what is happening physically, while others prefer to go directly to the body and form these connections non verbally. Your preferences may shift from session to session.

The treatment takes place on a futon, a massage table or a massage chair.

Please wear comfortable clothing eg long sleeved top and joggers, and socks. If it’s raining you might want to bring spare clothes so that you can be nice and dry.

It is not advisable to do strenuous activity immediately afterwards – try to plan a peaceful moment after your session to allow the treatment to resonate through your day.

Wait a couple of hours after a big meal before your treatment.

I can give you simple exercises to do at home – these will enable you to get the most from your session.

Dietary suggestions relating to your diagnosis in the tradition of East Asian Medicine can be given on request.

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