Shiatsu Shin Tai

Shiatsu Shin Tai is a form of holistic massage based on the principles of East Asian medicine – the same system used in Acupuncture.

In Shiatsu we rebalance your system: tension is dispersed, tired places are re-energised and you begin to flow more smoothly.

Shin Tai is a form of shiatsu that focuses on creating space in the body so that your breath and life force can circulate freely. We nourish the spine, mobilise the joints and free up the muscles, bringing you into ease-ful alignment. Shin Tai means “source body” – it reconnects us with the life source.

We also connect with the fascia network which is a physical network running through the entire body. The fascia holds our past experiences in ways that can cause discomfort. When we tune into these long held places, transformation can begin.

No needles are used and you remain clothed throughout.

Shin Tai differs from other forms of Shiatsu by including direct Hara treatment. This gentle yet powerful technique accesses self-knowledge held in the abdomen: the centre of our being. Hara massage is always optional and we work at your body’s own pace of change. A complete, nourishing treatment can be given without abdominal contact if preferred.

What happens during a Shin Tai treatment?

A Shin Tai treatment lasts up to 75 minutes.

We begin with a short conversation to discover your reasons and priorities in seeking bodywork.

The treatment itself usually happens at floor level on a padded futon. A body cushion is used for comfort and to maximise the space and flow that your body seeks. Blankets are used to keep you warm as the body may cool down when the parasympathetic nervous system is activated.

Various forms of pressure and movement are used to encourage dispersal of stuck energy. Gentle holding is also used to promote flow and nourish any depleted areas.

Some people go to sleep or into a hypnagogic state during a treatment; others remain awake. Either response is absolutely appropriate.

Since Shin Tai works with the evolution of the individual, successive treatments will change and develop as you continue to take root in your own being.

Suggestions for exercises and foods to support the treatment can be given on request.

What should I wear?

‚ÄčThe receiver stays fully clothed and you are advised to wear loose and comfortable clothes e.g. track suit bottoms or leggings, long sleeved t-shirt / hoodie and socks.

How does a Shin Tai treatment fit into my day?

It is advisable to wait at least two hours after a meal before having a treatment.

You may want to plan a restful few hours afterwards to allow the treatment to resonate through the rest of your day.

Strenuous exercise immediately after a treatment is not recommended.